Big booty for sexy single mom

Christina Marie is a 40 year-old single mom who had her first procedure with Dr. Hourglass a year and a half ago. The hourglass tummy tuck and the breast lift with augmentation that Dr. Cortes performed on her gave her not only a sexier appearance, but also increased her self-esteem. Now, she has come back for more! This time, the procedure is the Hourglass buttock augmentation and the results are just spectacular!

Christina knew she needed to resort to plastic surgery after she had started feeling insecure about her looks after having her beautiful baby daughter. Not being happy with her body kept her from dating and also wearing the clothes she liked and meeting new people. She achieved impressive results with the first procedure and now she wants what everybody else wants: a big, round booty! This will be yet another improvement to help Christina look even sexier than she already is!

The hourglass buttock augmentation entails the use of implants to increase the projection of the buttocks but also fat is transferred to give them a more natural look. Dr. Hourglass prefers to combine implants with fat transfer to sculpt the body and give the patient a curvier look from the front and back.

Christina’s results are spectacular, and her new look shows how beautiful she is inside and out!

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