I can’t wait to get back home and show off my sexy hourglass body!

Sara flew all the way from Italy, Europe to see doctor Cortes for a butt augmentation surgery. Doctor Cortes’s reputation and the results of his work in achieving the hourglass figure make him sought after even by patients living on other continents. Sara knew that dr. Cortes is the only one who can help her achieve her dream and the body shape she has always wanted. Sara mentions researching online for quite some time before discovering dr. Cortes and his work. Once she has seen the results he delivers, she knew it is him that she needs to meet for a consultation. Sara went to see doctor Cortes for a butt augmentation. There are two methods to achieve an augmentation of the buttocks, one method uses the patient’s own fat tissue, while the other method uses butt implants. But Sara was not a good candidate for the butt augmentation with just fat as she didn’t have enough fat in her body. This is the reason why doctor Cortes decided to perform an hourglass butt augmentation, using both butt implants and fat transfer to achieve the beautiful hourglass shape. The butt augmentation procedure combining fat transfer and gluteal implants is not often performed by plastic surgeons in the United States as it requires a deep understanding of the feminine anatomy. Doctor Cortes performs and has perfected this procedure so much over the last few years, achieving spectacular results each and every time. While the risks of the intervention are generally increased when performing combined procedures, in the case of doctor Cortes’s patients, there was barely any issues at all.

Sara returns to doctor Cortes’s practice one week after surgery for a follow up consultation. Doctor Cortes notices that the swelling is reduced. The patient shouldn’t sit on the buttocks for two and a half weeks after the butt augmentation intervention. For Sara, this was the perfect occasion to go out and visit Houston. Sara visited the Houston Aquarium together with her boyfriend and had an amazing time there.

Doctor Cortes is very pleased with Sara’s post-op results. She has a beautiful hourglass body and the butt implants that were used during the procedure go very well with her body. Sara also loves the shape of her new body and can’t wait to return to Italy to show it off!

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