After an hourglass hip procedure – I feel beautiful and everything is working!

Nita is the owner of Snobz of Houston- Woodlands Hair Boutique. She is born and raised in Houston, but lived in Atlanta for 10 years. She is married, has two boys, and her wife is a barber. Before having plastic surgery, Nita gained a lot of weight and had also aesthetic issues left after her hysterectomy surgery. She saw doctor Cortes to help her get some curves. When she first came in, she actually wanted her butt done. But doctor Cortes said no. During the consultation, doctor Cortes explained Nita that by reducing the layer of fat at the level of the waist and getting more volume on the hips, the buttock will look bigger and she will get the results she desired. Doctor Cortes’s fair and honest approach gave Nita the confidence that she had indeed found the best plastic surgeon she could find, a surgeon preoccupied with the patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction and not getting as much money as he could.

Nita got an hourglass hip procedure with doctor Cortes instead of the butt augmentation she thought she needed. After almost a year, Nita drops by to check in with doctor Cortes. Nita was just shortly after a holiday to Cancun where she got to wear a bikini for the first time ever. Nita mentions that doctor Cortes’s work speaks for himself. She loves her new body and she is fully committed to work to keep it like this or make it even better. After getting plastic surgery, Nita was motivated enough to make more healthier choices in terms of her lifestyle. She started working out now and her lifestyle changed for the better. Nita even got a personal trainer to help her sustain the beautiful results achieved with the hourglass hip procedure performed by doctor Cortes. Nita understood that is requires commitment and dedication to maintain the results achieved with plastic surgery.

Nita mentions that now that she feels beautiful, everything is working, especially as she is the owner of a beauty salon.

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