My new body is like it’s never been before after a Brazilian butt augmentation

Bertha came all the way from Austin to meet with dr. Cortes. She has 2 kids and now she is actually a grandma! Bertha decided that what dr. Cortes did in his practice was perfectly suited for her needs. She wanted to get bigger buttocks. And since dr. Cortes is such a huge presence online, especially on Instagram, it was easy for Bertha to fall in love with his work and decide to see him for a consultation. But Bertha’s case was not an easy one. Her body shape with a V shape buttock presented some challenges. When the upper part of the buttocks is actually bigger than the lower part, to get good results, the proportions need to be inversed. This is not something easy to do. However, dr. Cortes proceeded to perform a Brazilian butt augmentation on Bertha and six months later she came for a follow up consultation. Before the surgery Bertha was concerned with the fact that she had no curves and felt like she wanted the curves of a real Latina woman. After the surgery, she got all she wanted and more! She felt that her new body looked better than ever before and like how it should have looked always. Now Bertha has curves in all the right places and that superb looking hourglass figure. After the surgery, she felt more confident when it came to wearing a bathing suit and, more than anything else, go shopping for jeans! Now she is enjoying the benefits of being able to pick just any pair of jeans and put them on, as all cuts look good on her!

Undergoing the Brazilian butt augmentation triggered a big change in Bertha’s life. She feels better, more confident and can easy walk into a room and feel like she owns it! All the people that matter to her liked the results she achieved with the plastic surgery and there was a lot of positive feedback to be received. 

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