I feel very blessed every step of the way after my hourglass tummy tuck

Roshunda is a super mama with 7 kids! She gave birth to two of them, adopted three Asian kids and fosters 2 Hispanic kids. She loves her multi race family, she is an extremely giving person but she wanted to do something for herself. Roshunda went to see dr. Cortes for a consultation so she can explore her options. Her journey was not an easy or short one. Over a period of ten years she lost weight (she was 265 pounds) with the help of a diet. She tried different methods to help her loose weight, including jogging, getting a personal trainer, working out, among others. She lost a lot of weight, but when she looked in the mirror she realized she actually needed more help to get the figure she always wanted. And this is when she reached out to dr. Cortes. The recommendation to see dr. Cortes came from one of her friends, but after a quick research online she was blown away with his work. After the consultation with dr. Cortes, it was decided that Roshunda will undergo a tummy tuck intervention. When her tummy tuck was performed, dr. Cortes also did liposuction on the back and the abdominal area, as well as the flanks. The excess skin on the inferior part of the abdominal area is removed and the skin is pulled to make the tummy tight. After this, dr. Cortes used the fat extracted from all these areas and inserted it into the hips to make them more alluring. This gives the patient an incredible result. Six months after, Roshunda comes for her follow up consultation with dr. Cortes. She was excited that there was no problem during the recovery period and she received a lot of support from the text group. She feels so close that it is not like she has a doctor anymore, but a friend and a real relationship. After the surgery and the recovery that went on so well, Roshunda can get into any store and fit into a size 8. What she got after the surgery was the perfect body for her. Hanging out now with her family is great as she no longer feels that she has to worry about what other people are thinking. She is excited she did the surgery for herself. Now she has the self-confidence and the energy that she needed in her life to keep going!

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