An hourglass tummy tuck for mother and daughter

Mildred and Kenyatta are mother and daughter from San Antonio, Texas. Kenyatta was toying with the idea of plastic surgery for quite a while now, when her mother decided they should do it. As they live rather far from doctor Cortes’s practice and they were determined on having the experienced doctor perform their tummy tucks, they had online consultations. This made things easier for them and helped them avoid getting back and forth before the surgery. Kenyatta is very impressed with the level of communication with doctor Cortes’s practice and mentions that each time she had the slightest question, she got an answer immediately. Doctor Cortes talks about the importance of having a great team behind a great doctor. And his team is the best! Mildred mentions about the exquisite quality customer service they got since the moment they walked in doctor Cortes’s practice. Every member of the staff is smiling, attentive and dedicated to his work.

During the consultation, doctor Cortes noticed that as mother and daughter, Kenyatta and Mildred have very similar bodies with wide waists and smaller hips. The hourglass tummy tuck was the procedure doctor Cortes recommended for both of them. Kenyatta and Mildred had the hourglass tummy tuck procedure performed on consecutive days. The interventions went on great and two weeks after, doctor Cortes welcomes them for a follow up consultation at the clinic. Even if they are only two weeks post-op, both mother and daughter are very happy and can see the results they desired. Kenyatta admits to looking in the mirror all the time and even her husband noticed how happy she is with the new look. Mildred also is very excited with her new look, she is looking at herself more and gets lots of compliments from her husband.

Doctor Cortes talks about how plastic surgery is a process and that it must be the best possible way to have your recovery together with your mother. This is the kind of experience that could bring them even closer together. Both mother and daughter are excited to go out in the world and show off their new bodies!

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